mainnet stats

(since 2020-12-31T22:48:31Z, frequently updated)

source: public blockchain API

Author: Hascyll, donbear

EN Timestamp = timestamp of latest digested operation
Operation Id = Identifier for latest digested operation
Created Wallets = To Mainnet migrated accounts (wallets)
Locked Pi = Migrated but locked Pi
Circulating Pi = Migrated and unlocked Pi
Claimback Operations = claimback operations by CT (max. 2 per account)
Transferred Pi (Total) = All in Mainnet transferred Pi (including a CT-transaction of 2 billion Pi)
Transferred Pi (Pioneers) = All in Mainnet transferred Pi by Pioneers

DE Timestamp = Zeitstempel der zuletzt verarbeiteten Operation
Operation Id = ID der zuletzt verarbeiteten Operation
Created Wallets = In das Mainnet migrierte Accounts (wallets)
Locked Pi = Migrierte aber gesperrte Pi
Circulating Pi = Migrierte und entsperrte Pi
Claimback Operations = vom CT zur├╝ckgezogene Operationen (max. 2 pro Account)
Transferred Pi (Total) = Alle im Mainnet versendeten Pi (inkl. einer CT-Transaktion ├╝ber 2 Milliarden Pi)
Transferred Pi (Pioneers) = Alle durch Pioniere im Mainnet versendete Pi
Operation Id:65203388874231809
Created Wallets:5,650,663
Locked Pi:3,032,306,186.90499
Circulating Pi:636,617,557.91368
Claimback Operations:10,403
Transferred Pi (Total):3,880,600,660.49255
Transferred Pi (Pioneers):1,880,600,660.49255

historic data view (delayed)

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